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About US: Best Nutritionist Ayurvedic Dietitian Clinic in Delhi NCR

Our Wellness Head Mr. Shivam Sharma Lead the team of 20+ Dietitians working across india. we have 15000+ Happy Customers.

Our team comprises of top dieticians from Delhi and Delhi/NCR. He has worked extensively on prescribing dietary therapies for various anorexia nervosa and nutritional disorders with more than a decade of experience. Our team does not offer generic diet plans or scientifically unproven fancy diets, but we provide customized diet plans based on medical reports and medical history, nutritional requirements of the body, choice of foods, scientific journals and national guidelines. Provide. Our team treats each client with full attention and customized plans to meet the genuine scientific requirements of not only Macronutrients (Calorie, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, fibre) but also Micronutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants) . Thus, patients see results along with having delicious and nutritious food. Our group breaks the legends about food and sustenance and instructs individuals to carry on with a solid way of life with the assistance of our sound and over 9 years old experience.

At Perfect Diet, patients are provided with the simplest, convenient, readily available, practical and most flexible diet plans to match their body type and size that guarantee long lasting positive results.
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Personal Dietitian Programs

Our unique approach to online / offline diet counselling works not only on what people eat but why they eat more. Or why sometimes they eat so little and still gain weight??? First, you'll start with an initial consultation. We'll ask you questions to get to know you better because we believe nutrition is a personal science and not a one-size-fits-all "here's your meal plan". We want to know what a typical day is like for you, any specific cravings you often have, sleep duration and quality, stress levels, past history with nutrition and dieting, medications and supplements, etc. Our questions are designed to give us a clear picture of where you are now. Then, we'll talk about what you want to achieve and what your end goals are. Our job is to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to access the right nutrition designed for your body and your lifestyle.

What we won't do is just hand you a meal plan and say "eat this." We are also not going to sell you any products, pills, appetite suppressants or supplements. Instead, we'll give you fresh and innovative ideas, teach you the "why" behind our recommendations, and let you live your best life!

We offer a wide range of online diet plans and diet consultations that are motivating enough to help you overcome your attitudes, feelings, habits, and behaviours that are caused by overeating, underrating or other unhealthy behaviours.

We pride ourselves on providing the best online weight loss program in India.

Mission and Vision

  • 1. A safe and effective medically supervised weight management program tailored to individual needs.
  • 2. Continuous Quality Improvement
  • 3. Fast, friendly customer service.
  • 4. Quality weight management program at affordable prices.
  • 5. Professional services with a personal touch, with friendly and personal attention.
  • 6. Help to be a healthy nation.


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